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2018 Latin America International

Tournament Name Date
TCG League Cup - Juniors/Seniors 2018-04-27
VGC Midseason Showdown - Juniors/Seniors 2018-04-27
VGC Premier Challenge - Juniors/Seniors 2018-04-27
Latin America TCG International Championship 2018-04-27
Latin America VGC International Championship 2018-04-27
TCG League Challenge - Juniors/Seniors 2018-04-27

2018 Oceania International

Tournament Name Date
Oceania TCG International Championship 2018-02-09
Oceania VGC International Championship 2018-02-09

Other Tournaments

Tournament Name Date
GGG Thursday Night Cosmic Eclipse 2019-11-07
Elite Four VGC Special Event 2018-05-05
Melbourne TCG Regionals 2018-05-26
Melbourne VGC Regionals 2018-05-26
Elite Four VGC Midseason Showdown 2018-05-06
Elite Four League Cup 1 2018-05-05
Melbourne Esports Open 2019-08-31
Elite Four League Cup 2 2018-05-06